The blind tribeman


In a corner of the world,
where wolves always howled.
There lived a barbaric tribe,
which never heard of bribe.

It hunted with aggressive pride,
all that they found on their side.
They wore ornaments of bones,
and held weapons of stones.

The tribesmen spoke using their fingers,
and sniffed along, to spot strangers.
But one man stood forever in dark,
and all that he had was a great heart.

He guided the hunters in night,
and taught the children to fight.
His mimics attracted the prey,
and the tribesmen gave him a pray.

He picked even the slightest of the vibration,
and led the fellow tribals through tradition.
Stood in the front as a brave wiseman,
portraying as a simple tribeman.

A Child that was


A little naughty child,
whose face was mild.
Stood behind the window,
watching the tree shadow.

Her bright little black eye,
peeping out like a spy.
The fine fingers held a toy,
Which she never knew why.

The red little lips passed out a rhyme,
which went on and on after each time.
Her fingers counted the rose,
all that the garden had to pose.

The shadow of the trees grew longer,
as the sun sat across the border.
Far away came marching her father,
with a opened box beneath the shoulder.

The child climbed up the window frame,
like the lion keeper failing to tame.
The child’d eyebrows took a bowed stretch,
to find what it was inside the box trench.

Rose a white kitten with a red neck bell,
it was looking too young to even spell.
With her father making the kitten indulge,
the child’s rose cheeks took a deep bulge.

The Shining Canine


I had an extreme front fall,
while playing basketball.
the doc found a broken tooth,
and said it’s as hard as a boot.

He prepared for its extraction,
it filled my mind with distraction.
Giving a little twist using his plier,
came the small boy like a lair.

The usual smile, i started to avoid,
for all would ask about the void.
A week after the extreme fall,
i went for shopping in a mall.

There i saw a dental clinic,
Where i could settle my panic.
I checked my wallet for money,
which matched as said by the honey.

A masked man with an alien goggle,
asked me gently to gargle.
A couple of tests finally,
fixed the shining tooth manually.

From then on whenever i smiled,
my pals looked like jailed.
Because out on a sunny day,
the other teethes looked like hay !

Chosen to Serve.


It was a dark gloomy rainy day,
not listening what mom had to say.
Geared up my new bi-wheeler,
which gave my image a new feeler.

The drive was free and calm,
with intermediate shops and palm.
clouds covered the above blue sky,
like a squad following the spy.

A car gushed through from back,
and it was as speed as a buck.
The hair width gap between us,
put my balance in a fuss.

Sliding away from the hard tar,
made me fall a distant far.
What i remembered last seeing,
was that car speedily fleeing.

Unknowing three days had passed,
inside a room that was glassed.
My head was blunt and pale,
as if it carried a heavy bale.

Trying to open my left eye brow,
gave the unclear glimpse of the show.
But the voices that hit my ears,
coughed off all my fears.

A tiny question emerged in my heart,
which gave my life a new start.
For knowing a very noble reason,
‘To live, why was i chosen ?’