The Shining Canine


I had an extreme front fall,
while playing basketball.
the doc found a broken tooth,
and said it’s as hard as a boot.

He prepared for its extraction,
it filled my mind with distraction.
Giving a little twist using his plier,
came the small boy like a lair.

The usual smile, i started to avoid,
for all would ask about the void.
A week after the extreme fall,
i went for shopping in a mall.

There i saw a dental clinic,
Where i could settle my panic.
I checked my wallet for money,
which matched as said by the honey.

A masked man with an alien goggle,
asked me gently to gargle.
A couple of tests finally,
fixed the shining tooth manually.

From then on whenever i smiled,
my pals looked like jailed.
Because out on a sunny day,
the other teethes looked like hay !

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