Chosen to Serve.


It was a dark gloomy rainy day,
not listening what mom had to say.
Geared up my new bi-wheeler,
which gave my image a new feeler.

The drive was free and calm,
with intermediate shops and palm.
clouds covered the above blue sky,
like a squad following the spy.

A car gushed through from back,
and it was as speed as a buck.
The hair width gap between us,
put my balance in a fuss.

Sliding away from the hard tar,
made me fall a distant far.
What i remembered last seeing,
was that car speedily fleeing.

Unknowing three days had passed,
inside a room that was glassed.
My head was blunt and pale,
as if it carried a heavy bale.

Trying to open my left eye brow,
gave the unclear glimpse of the show.
But the voices that hit my ears,
coughed off all my fears.

A tiny question emerged in my heart,
which gave my life a new start.
For knowing a very noble reason,
‘To live, why was i chosen ?’

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