It’s the culture that defines and unites India !

The most amazing and unnoticed difference between India and other nations is the unnoticed and invisible context that India has been able to achieve such unity inspite of such cultural and social diversity. In India, it is religion that unites a large mass of people among other various factors. But there also persists a sharp and wide cultural and social differences between several sections of India’s society because of various beliefs and customs arising from the same diverse interests that are very vigorously practiced by ‘The Indians’. It is totally understandable, because that has been the tradition passed on to Indians since times. But at the same time this has stood as a ‘invisible barrier’ for the overall development of India, simply because humans tend to easily divide on diverse views and the rate  of acceptability is pretty low unless there is a deeper understanding. This is very true in the Indian society.

The cultural and social diversity of India need to be understood by us. The belief, thought process, language, way of living, behavior etc. is very much diverse between people of different religions and regions in India, in and out, because the history of India is itself so diverse in comparison to the rest of the world ! 

The entire Indian subcontinent has witnessed ups and downs, wrath and destruction, conspiracies and revolutions, and yet has survived the test of time. It was culture indeed that kept the region in good shape. It was the social tolerance of that time that bound us tightly and it still continues. It is deep rooted in our values, customs, traditions. India ‘without’ the culture and socialness of its true nature is easily comparable with any other nation.

It doesn’t matter at all…

Who you are,

Where you come from, 

Which religion and ideology you profess,

Which region you belong to, and

Whichever tradition you serve, to fall in love with India